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V2 Cigs Help Smokers Adapt to a Changing Culture

It wasn’t that long ago that 90% of all American citizens smoked multiple cigarettes a day and didn’t think there was anything wrong with this habit. These days, the number of smokers compared to the number of non-smokers is getting smaller and smaller.

There are a few reasons for the change in culture surrounding smoking. The first big reason for the change was that the general public suddenly learned just how bad smoking was for the human body. It was even more shocking to learn that even those who didn’t smoke, who simply inhaled secondhand smoke fumes, could experience the same ill health. Discovering that giving up cigarettes would lead to a longer and better quality life was all the incentive that many people needed to give up cigarettes once and for all.

The complete understanding of all the bad things cigarettes to the human body caused the government to look at how much money they were investing in the health care of people who were suffering from medical conditions that had been caused by smoking. Knowing the expense of treating just one person who had developed a smoking related illness inspired both state and federal governments to attach huge taxes to the purchase of cigarettes, making the products too expensive for many people to smoke.

This was about the time that something else interesting started to happen. People who no longer smoked hung around people who did smoke, they discovered that they could no longer tolerate the scent of stale cigarette smoke. Some non-smokers have even taken the stance that they won’t be romantically involved with anyone who has a smoking habit. Discovering that their smoking habit was having a detrimental effect on their social life inspired even more smokers to quit.

Concern about non-smokers developing smoking related illnesses from secondhand smoke once again caused the government to become involved here. This time, they cracked down on where smokers could and couldn’t light up. The rules were stricter than anyone imagined and made it virtually impossible for anyone to enjoy a cigarette anywhere but inside their own home, and even then, they be forced to pay a much higher price for health insurance. Smokers began to feel that they weren’t being treated fairly.

Today, products like V2 Cigs are creating another change in culture. They battery powered cigarettes make it possible for the average American citizen to enjoy all the things they love about smoking, without having to worry about being ostracized, or even fined. V2 Cigs are very easy to use and most people find that since the vapor produced by the V2 Cigs tastes and feels just like authentic cigarette smoke they have no trouble making the change.

Is K2 Legal?

K2 incense is a synthetic drug that has been designed to mimic the effects of marijuana and is also known as Spice. You can find The Official K2 Incense online only. Also known as Spice Gold, herbal incense and dozens of other names, it is in reality a legal herbal product that's been laced with designer drugs that do not show up in regular drug testing.

It was in the beginning of 2004 with this product began to appear for sale on the Internet and throughout Europe. By 2008 sales were through the roof in Europe and the US and Canada. Sales took off in 2009. The packaging generally appears to be psychedelic art with the claim that the product itself is a mixture of several herbs. Unfortunately, if you actually smoke the product, it produces effects similar to marijuana and other forms of cannabis rather than the effect you would get from smoking the listed ingredients on the package.

When initially tested, these products were found to not contain any illegal substances and no one could detect any active ingredient that would explain the ‘high’ experienced by those using the product. In addition, the testing could also not most of the herbs that were used to produce the product. Near the end of 2008 toxicology lab in Germany discovered that the products have at least two different designer drugs in them, known as synthetic cannabinoids.

Similar to THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana and other forms of cannabis, the synthetic cannabinoids triggered the cannabinoid receptors found in many cells on the human body. The brain is particularly rich in the CB one cannabinoid receptors, but the synthetic cannabinoids have a different chemical structure than THC. For this reason, no one is sure how long these compounds remain in the human body and very little is known of the cannabinoids created.

Consequent testing has led researchers to believe that these drugs are not safe and it would be like playing Russian roulette. Many of them were created because they will bind more tightly to the body’s cannabinoid receptors than THC, and will fully activate these receptors. The part of the brain that's required for important functions such as food intake, perception, body temperature control, memory and problem-solving are unable to function properly and hormone functions can also be impacted.

As of March 1, 2011, the US Drug Enforcement Administration invoked its right to emergency scheduling authority to make most of the legal herbal products, illegal. Due to the fact that the basically inactive herbs in these products are spiked with designer drugs the DEA has applied the action to the five following drugs: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47, 497, and cannabicyclohexanol.

These drugs were placed on the DEA's Schedule I, which means that they now accept all uses and have high potential for being abused. This emergency action will remain in effect for one full year and during that time, the government is expected to call for permanent control of the drugs. Extreme caution is recommended if using these drugs.

Art School Activities

Those individuals that are teaching in an art school may be thinking about some really unique things that they can do with their students. After all, it is really nice to get out of the building from time to time. Students can learn a lot outside of the class room and it some activities can become really big motivators for the students.

One art school activity to consider would be a community service project. This can take place in the school, or outside of the school. The teacher can work with the students to identify a mural that can be created. If you do not want to go as far as creating a mural then you could even consider working with local businesses to allow the students the opportunity to decorate their windows for the holidays. Just imagine how your students would feel if they knew that their work was going to be seen by everyone in the community.

Think about having an art fair. This could take place at a local town hall, or within a community organization. You could have a theme and each student could create a piece or art related to that theme. It may be a great idea to use this as a fund raiser to earn money for your art class. You can sell tickets to individuals that want to attend. Consider giving prizes for the art so that students will be a little more motivated to try their best.

No matter what type of art school activity you want to do, always encourage your students to be creative. Allow them to think outside of the box. You may be really surprised by their artistic abilities.

Zettiology Art

Zettiology is a new type of art that was developed by Teesha Moore. The moment you see some samples of her work, you’ll be swept away by its beauty. The type of work she does takes seemingly ordinary things and turns them into something that feels almost otherworldly.

Although it can be difficult to accurately describe Zettiology, looking at the images Moore has created makes one think both of some great fantasy novels, such as Where the Wild Things Are and comic books at the same time. The art work manages to be both simple and fantastical at the same time. It also has an abstract quality that is created by merging pieces and parts of images that don’t usually belong together to create something completely different is oddly appealing.

The great thing about Zettiology is that there are aspects of the art that will appeal to just about everyone. The art is quirky enough to look good in an office or study, stylish enough to make a focal point in a living room, and charming enough to be used to decorate a nursery. It’s a great choice when you’re looking for a one of a kind item that will make a great gift for the difficult to shop for person on your gift list. The hard part will be deciding which pieces you want to give to loved ones and which pieces you want to keep for yourself.

Finding some Zettiology that you can display on your own walls isn’t difficult. Moore has created an Etsy store that makes ordering your favorite images a piece of cake. You can choose from some goregious black and white images, or pieces that make stunning use of rich colors.

Taking Art Classes In College

Every college across the country is a great place to find something that is new and enriching. However some of the colleges are better than others. Some colleges are better in business and others are better in medicine. Some colleges are better in food and others are better in art. However every college has a few things in common. The most common thread that binds all the colleges is that they all require art classes. Taking art classes in college is something that we all have to do. Regardless of how it impacts your major, art is something that the higher ups think will enrich your life and add a source of thought as well. So with that being said lets examine some of the things you will learn while taking art classes in college. The first thing that art classes in college will teach you is that girls love art. From a guy’s perspective, and even a few girls, this is a great place to meet girls. If you are looking for a one-night stand or even a new fling, art classes in college could be the best place to find a pretty girl that has few inhibitions.

Art classes in college will also give you the chance to learn about famous artists from years past. These classes will perhaps give you a new appreciation for the arts and the process of creating art. However above all others it will give you a chance to hone your very own gifts. If you have the ability to draw then you might be able to improve. If you have a desire for sculpting then you might be able to improve this area as well. Whatever you are looking for you will definitely be able to meet your goals by taking art classes in college. After all, they are required.

My Grandma Loves Cat Art

No, you did not read that wrong. My grandma is a huge fan of paintings and other types of art that depict cats of all kinds. If you knew my grandmother personally, you would not be surprised even if you had never visited her home. I think that some people might be tempted to call her a cat lady, but the truth is that she doesn’t have a whole herd of cats in her home, but her love of cats is really all about art.

Well, I shouldn’t say that she doesn’t have any cats because she does have two cats that have been with her for many years. They are siblings I believe and they don’t do much but sleep and eat, much like many other cats. She loves them so much that not only does she have a lot of art in her home showing her cat love, but she also has a few paintings of her cats up on the wall as well.

I really love my grandma and I think it is hilarious that she likes cat art so much. What I don’t think it so funny is that she thinks that we all love cat art as much as she does. So when a birthday rolls around for one of her grandkids, she tends to give us at least one thing each year that has a cat on it or in it. I think that she really does mean the best so I always graciously accept the gifts, but really I have no idea what I will do with another picture of a cat sleeping in a bed of flowers!

The Art Behind The Art

So many people that fall into the art world are viewed as off or even weird. I have to admit that there have been times when I was not interested in dealing with the artsy folks simply because they can be hard to deal with. But in order to fully understand and appreciate the work of an artist you have to understand the art of making art. Sure, we all enjoy looking at the picture that has been freshly painted and we all like seeing the metal sculpture, but what about the energy and art that went into making the art a reality? The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of hours that go into making the art you like and the art you love. Heck, there are even hundreds of hours in the art that you don’t like. So lets look at all the process and all the things you have to do in order to make the art a reality.

The first thing you have to do in the art world is you have to come up with an idea. This can be the hardest part of the process of making art because it takes an inspiration in order to make something arty. So what I usually do is spend some time looking at nature and studying the way that things move and operate. For me this is the best way to find the inspiration that I need. The next thing you have to do is actually mock up the art. A lot of artist will simply do a one off but for me I have to build it first and then make it again. This will enable me to remove any poorly designed or thought out parts. For me, this is the best way to make art. I love art and I think you will like art too if you only try to jump into it.

My Dog Can Make Art!

It has been many years since I have tried my own hand at creating my own masterpiece for the art world. I used to love to paint and draw, but I just don’t seem to have the time anymore. I thought we would never have an artist in the family again because my husband and kids just don’t have the interest that I once did. But apparently I was wrong because there is one more member of the family that I completely discounted.

Our cute little dog Beaver took it up on himself to get into my old paints and create a masterpiece of his own. Thankfully he was out in the garage when all of this happened so we don’t have a huge mess in the house to clean up. Anyway, I know that there may not be too many art experts that would consider what Beaver did to be art, but our family really loves what he created. The garage floor is extra colorful now and after a bath, Beaver is back to himself.

That is until we let him paint more pictures. But the next time we made sure that we provided him a proper canvas on the floor and paints that wash out of the his fur just a bit better. While some people may think we are silly that we let our dog play in paints and then call it art, we love that he is having fun and we never know what his next art creation will look like. It would be pretty cool if he could eventually have some art hanging up somewhere around town, but for now it looks like the garage is the best place to display his great art.

MsPrepper Appeals to Real American Culture

There is a brand new website that is drawing attention from women around the world. Surprisingly, the website is dedicated to emergency preparedness.. The idea behind the site is that women are the heart and soul of the home and they are the ones that make things run smoothly. So the founders of the website decided that they needed to reach these women and teach them the ideas behind the lifestyle known as prepping. Prepping is all about self-preservation and providing for your family. Naturally this is a big deal to many women. So the name of the website was simply MsPrepper.

There are many areas on this site that touch on several different topics and ideas. Each of these categories has something to do with prepping and they offer real, tangible ways to provide for and care for your family. some of the categories include shelter building, food lists, survival gear, medical information, and security advice. All of these categories will touch on the ways that you can better prepare yourself for the coming issues that society might be facing. However the real key here is that even if these things do not come to fruition, these are still helpful tips that can make your home safer and your family better provided for.

MsPrepper is also a part of the US Culture in many ways. While the site is growing in popularity it is also becoming a social media darling. People love to spread helpful articles that deal with medical preparedness, stockpiling, and more. Sharing the articles and links is really the new word of mouth in American culture. Who would have thought that the idea of prepping would be such a popular topic among women? The great thing about this site is the approach that they are taking. While the information is well written and it is very effective, it is written from the point of view of a lady. Further, it is presented as if the main reader is a woman. In a world that is dominated by uber masculine men it is nice to find a site that doesn’t mind letting the ladies have a say.

When it comes to prepping and being up to date on all the latest prepping trends, MsPrepper is the first and only site that you need to know. Go ahead and bookmark the name because you will certainly find the information you desire and then some. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and start learning how you can better serve your family.

Pen Vaporizers Provide Herbal Stress Relief for Artists

Working as an artist is extremely rewarding, but it can also be stressful. I suppose some people are just born with this supernatural artistic talent, but I’m not one of them. I cannot just instantly conjure up a beautiful image and translate it onto canvas. Instead, my artistic inspiration comes and goes in waves and when it’s there, I’m glued to my studio churning out one beautiful masterpiece after another. But when I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I can’t seem to produce anything worth keeping. This has always been my struggle, but in recent months, I sought out help from some mentors in the art world to find out how they combat this experience. How do you produce beautiful pieces when you simply feel uninspired?

I was given a lot of suggestions, but one in particular seemed to be repeated dozens of times. Many successful artists gave me the same advice. They told me to invest in one of the great pen vaporizers and use dry herbs to get some natural stress relief. My mentors told me that finding inspiration is usually just a matter of moving beyond the conscious brain block. If you can find a way to relax, the art will just flow out of you and natural herbal blends can sometimes help you unwind faster than anything.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about pen vaporizers, but I decided it was at least worth a try. It couldn’t hurt and at this point, I was willing to try nearly anything to get some fresh inspiration. I used the Internet to look up different brands and read reviews. Then I selected the vape pen that I thought would be best. I wanted something convenient that wouldn’t require hours of cleaning and maintenance. I was thrilled to see that I didn’t necessarily have to use a bunch of dry herbs that often make a mess. Instead, I could use e-liquids or waxes that had the same blends in a cleaner package.

The first time I tried vaping, I was surprised by the overall experience. I liked the flavors and the vapor was smooth. I used my vape pen for a few minutes and then I stood in front of the easel. I picked up my paint brush and just let my mood guide me. With no particular plan in mind, I started painting and let the colors take shape. I found myself totally relaxed as I worked and before I knew it, I had an incredible piece taking shape in front of me. It was amazing – the vaporizer really did help me find some fresh inspiration! Now I make it a habit to keep pen vaporizers in my art studio and anytime I’m struggling to get started, I vape for a few minutes and relax. It works every time!