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The Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture is an organization uniting university students around the globe through the common love of the arts. If you are a college student with a passion for art and you want to expand your studies and connect with other students that share your interests, this website will be a great resource for you. You will read articles that detail the lives of historic artists and reviews of their work. Additionally, we will provide you with a look at some of today’s best up and coming artists from universities around the world.

Beyond art, we’ll detail the latest news related to space and take an overall interest in culture through articles highlighting current events. With a worldwide perspective and a bend towards art and cultural interest, our organization will be your best news source for the headlines you really care about.

Art In Public Schools

Art seems to be the number one elective that most students choose in the public school system. Unfortunately it also seems to be the most often cut program there is. The school art program has been very beneficial for many years. For some students this will be the only exposure they ever receive to this world. For others it will only wet their appetite and they will continue on their life long journey of understanding and appreciating the world of art. In the public school setting you are typically going to be exposed to 3 main levels of art and artistic expression. You will typically learn about art history and this will include a study of people like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Rembrandt. These are some of the more well known artists but they are not necessarily the best. Lets explain and explore the roots of art and how it can help you in the public school setting.

As you learn more and more history about the origins of art and some of the more popular artists you will also be given the opportunity to mimic there style and attempt to create a masterpiece as well. Another are that you will be exposed to is called clay modeling. This is a fun exercise that will allow the student to model their on clay and design it however they wish. Many art programs will have the students make clay heads that will then be fired and painted. The final area is called impressionism. This is art that can be pulled from anywhere at anytime.

The Best Art Classes

Almost every school has an art teacher that is ready to explain and pour into you the skills that you need in order to become a great artist. What many people fail to understand is that art is within the grasp of every person. Everyone has the capability to become an artist. Unfortunately, many people will choose to ignore this area of their life and act as if it doesn’t exist. Some people have fallen prey to the line of thought that says artists are weird and cranky or that they are incapable of carrying on a normal life. While some of the most famed artists have had social phobias and issues, the vast majority of art loving people are very normal. They carry on normal lives and they have normal families. If you are interested in art then you might be interested in taking a few classes to help your creative juices begin to flow. The following classes could be just what you need as you continue your journey don the road known as art.

Pottery is something that many people love and they enjoy the ability to make something out of nothing. Modeling clay is a great art base and it will allow you to transform a lump of mud into a beautiful sculpture. Another great class is photography. This for of art is not new but it is catching on quickly. Trying your hand at taking pictures will be a great way to spend more time with the family all while you are capturing the moments that will last for a lifetime.

How To Become An Artist

If you are interested in the field of art then you need to know a few things up front. Art is not something that can be captured, art is simply a state of mind that must be realized and appreciated. It is impossible to completely depict and describe art. Art is always changing and it will forever be a fleeting thought that must be chased after. Art is a way of life. Are you interested in art? I would the answer is yes. Too many people have written of this fine skill due to over exposure of 5oo year old paintings. Art is more than a brush and some water colored paint. Art is a reflection of the soul and it reflects the imperfections of our world onto a perfect canvas. If you are interested in becoming an artist you need to come to grips with the fact that you will always be a tortured soul searching for the perfect inspiration.

Becoming an artist is not about the art school that you attend or even who you trained and studied under. Becoming an artist is all about realizing your on potential and utilizing that skill to make an indelible image. Embrace the thoughts that flood your mind and allow that to become the fuel that drives your creative passion and fire. Give in to the pain that wants to express itself on your canvass. Speak to the voice in your mind and allow it to transform you into the artist that you desire to be. Art is all about expression and it is all about jumping in, with both feet, and simply doing what you love. Do you want to be an artist?

Modern Art Vs. Traditional Art

In the world of artistic expression you are bound to find pieces that will boggle the mind and perplex even the strongest of brains. Art is a spectacular world of vivid colors and drab greys. It holds the keys to the soul and allows access to only a select few who dare to lay hold of this amazing talent and gaze into its soul. Art is an amazing concept and it can be found in all parts of the world. From folk art to modern art you are sure to find a sculpture or painting that will stir up emotions. Over the years many have drawn the battle lines and the war has waged. When it comes to modern art there are many that believe this form is bold, fresh, and by far the best yet. However there are many others that will argue for a more traditional approach. Isn’t this the age-old paradigm?

There are always going to be those that fuss and bicker over the techniques used and the methods that are carried out. Some will argue for a more old school style and others will call that system outdated. Does it really matter? Art is a beautiful thing and there are many things that can be gleaned from all fields. Taking the time to notice the pain and the trust and the beauty is what makes art so amazing. Instead of bickering we should embrace. That is the message of the art world. Embrace the different and love the traditional.

My First Taste Of Art

Art is a very peculiar thing. Depending on where you are and who you are with, you will find varying degrees of love or hate for the field of art. Some people have spent there entire life trying to capture the essence of the human life onto a canvas and others have tried to photograph there way through life. Still other people have made a living off of teaching art and art related fields. The real question is, what is art? What makes something artful? Must an item be pretty or shiny?

Art is a very complex world and it requires a deft touch. In order to make it in this industry you will need to be original and you will need to be dedicated. My first taste of art occurred when I was a young lad around the age of 7. My mother was baking in the kitchen and I was scurrying all around her legs. She sat me down and handed me a piece of paper and a pen. The only word she said was “draw”.

From that time on I knew that I had a passion for art. From painting and drawing to photographing and modeling, art was something that allowed me to be me. I could express myself in ways that only I would understand. My first taste of art was nothing amazing but it was very special. It changed my soul and made me the person I am today, and for that I am truly thankful.