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Is K2 Legal?

K2 incense is a synthetic drug that has been designed to mimic the effects of marijuana and is also known as Spice. You can find The Official K2 Incense online only. Also known as Spice Gold, herbal incense and dozens of other names, it is in reality a legal herbal product that's been laced with designer drugs that do not show up in regular drug testing.

It was in the beginning of 2004 with this product began to appear for sale on the Internet and throughout Europe. By 2008 sales were through the roof in Europe and the US and Canada. Sales took off in 2009. The packaging generally appears to be psychedelic art with the claim that the product itself is a mixture of several herbs. Unfortunately, if you actually smoke the product, it produces effects similar to marijuana and other forms of cannabis rather than the effect you would get from smoking the listed ingredients on the package.

When initially tested, these products were found to not contain any illegal substances and no one could detect any active ingredient that would explain the ‘high’ experienced by those using the product. In addition, the testing could also not most of the herbs that were used to produce the product. Near the end of 2008 toxicology lab in Germany discovered that the products have at least two different designer drugs in them, known as synthetic cannabinoids.

Similar to THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana and other forms of cannabis, the synthetic cannabinoids triggered the cannabinoid receptors found in many cells on the human body. The brain is particularly rich in the CB one cannabinoid receptors, but the synthetic cannabinoids have a different chemical structure than THC. For this reason, no one is sure how long these compounds remain in the human body and very little is known of the cannabinoids created.

Consequent testing has led researchers to believe that these drugs are not safe and it would be like playing Russian roulette. Many of them were created because they will bind more tightly to the body’s cannabinoid receptors than THC, and will fully activate these receptors. The part of the brain that's required for important functions such as food intake, perception, body temperature control, memory and problem-solving are unable to function properly and hormone functions can also be impacted.

As of March 1, 2011, the US Drug Enforcement Administration invoked its right to emergency scheduling authority to make most of the legal herbal products, illegal. Due to the fact that the basically inactive herbs in these products are spiked with designer drugs the DEA has applied the action to the five following drugs: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47, 497, and cannabicyclohexanol.

These drugs were placed on the DEA's Schedule I, which means that they now accept all uses and have high potential for being abused. This emergency action will remain in effect for one full year and during that time, the government is expected to call for permanent control of the drugs. Extreme caution is recommended if using these drugs.