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V2 Cigs Help Smokers Adapt to a Changing Culture

It wasn’t that long ago that 90% of all American citizens smoked multiple cigarettes a day and didn’t think there was anything wrong with this habit. These days, the number of smokers compared to the number of non-smokers is getting smaller and smaller.

There are a few reasons for the change in culture surrounding smoking. The first big reason for the change was that the general public suddenly learned just how bad smoking was for the human body. It was even more shocking to learn that even those who didn’t smoke, who simply inhaled secondhand smoke fumes, could experience the same ill health. Discovering that giving up cigarettes would lead to a longer and better quality life was all the incentive that many people needed to give up cigarettes once and for all.

The complete understanding of all the bad things cigarettes to the human body caused the government to look at how much money they were investing in the health care of people who were suffering from medical conditions that had been caused by smoking. Knowing the expense of treating just one person who had developed a smoking related illness inspired both state and federal governments to attach huge taxes to the purchase of cigarettes, making the products too expensive for many people to smoke.

This was about the time that something else interesting started to happen. People who no longer smoked hung around people who did smoke, they discovered that they could no longer tolerate the scent of stale cigarette smoke. Some non-smokers have even taken the stance that they won’t be romantically involved with anyone who has a smoking habit. Discovering that their smoking habit was having a detrimental effect on their social life inspired even more smokers to quit.

Concern about non-smokers developing smoking related illnesses from secondhand smoke once again caused the government to become involved here. This time, they cracked down on where smokers could and couldn’t light up. The rules were stricter than anyone imagined and made it virtually impossible for anyone to enjoy a cigarette anywhere but inside their own home, and even then, they be forced to pay a much higher price for health insurance. Smokers began to feel that they weren’t being treated fairly.

Today, products like V2 Cigs are creating another change in culture. They battery powered cigarettes make it possible for the average American citizen to enjoy all the things they love about smoking, without having to worry about being ostracized, or even fined. V2 Cigs are very easy to use and most people find that since the vapor produced by the V2 Cigs tastes and feels just like authentic cigarette smoke they have no trouble making the change.

Using Electronic Cigarettes to Heighten Cultural Accuracy

It wasn’t until I started working in historical theater that I truly started to understand just how important cigarettes and smoking had been culturally. While getting ready to direct my very first play, which was set just after WWII, I realized there are very few periods when smoking wasn’t something everyone did, and that the idea of going without tobacco is actually a really recent concept.

While the idea of not smoking is a new concept, I had a heck of a time convincing the actors they were going to need to smoke in order to make their role seem authentic they were going to smoke. Not only did most of them refuse to smoke, but several refused to even consider getting on the stage if there was even the slightest chance of breathing in secondhand smoke.

I was in a bind. I understood the actors’ stance. I wasn’t willing to do something that would increase the chances of me developing deadly cancers in the future. On the other hand, this was my debut, I needed it to be perfect and that meant the characters needed to smoke.

It took some time and a lot of internet research, but I finally found the perfect solution. Salvation came in the form of electronic cigarettes. These little devices look so much like real cigarettes that it would be impossible for the audience to guess that it was anything but the real deal. Instead of smoke, these little batter powered devices produce a water based vapor.

I kept digging and slowly learned, with the help of some studies that have been recently concluded, that thus far, there haven’t been any serious health problems connected with using electronic cigarettes. Satisfied, I’d found a workable solution, I went online and ordered a couple start kits.

I’m pleased to report that my actors agreed to use the electronic cigarettes. The play went off without a hitch and everyone, crew and audience seemed very happy with the final results.

I’ll admit it. At first I was a little nervous about using the electronic cigarettes. I knew they looked great, and I loved the fact that my actors would be exhaling what looked like smoke between lines, but I was worried that the devices would malfunction. I don’t always have the best luck with electronic gadgets. The good news is that the electronic cigs worked like a charm. As long as everyone remembered to plug them into the battery charger prior to the performance, they worked throughout the entire show.

The play worked as a springboard for my career and now I have several offers to direct other, historical plays. I can’t help wondering if these offers would have rolled my way had I not taken so much time looking for ways to use cigarettes to give my play a culturally accurate feeling.

Understanding the Cost of Electronic Cigarettes

It didn’t take very long for the electronic cigarette to catch on in the United States. Even though the FDA remains reluctant to approve the battery powered devices, hundreds of thousands of hardcore smokers have forsaken traditional cigarettes, replacing them with e-cigarettes. Every single person who has made the change had their own reasons for doing so. One explanation lots of people give is that they were interested in saving money, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Purchasing a Starter Kit

When it comes to starting to use electronic cigarettes many people look at the price of starter its and hesitate. It’s true that the price of even a basic starter kit can seem a bit high. The problem is that many people think that they will have to purchase one or two starter kits every single month, that’s not the case at all.

Starter kits have been created to help you save money and to ensure that you have everything you possibly need. The most basic kits will have chargers, one or two batteries, and a few vapor juice cartridges. The batteries and chargers will provide you with several years worth of use. The only thing you need to continually purchase will be the cartridges.

The good new is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a starter kit to try out electronic cigarettes. Many of the brands have created a disposable version of their e-cigs. The disposable models look like the regular vaporizers and they work the exact same way, but once the cartridge has run out of vapor juice you simply throw the e-cig away.

Lots of e-cig retailers will provide a free version of the disposable cigarette that you can try out. You can also read E Cigarettes Reviews or join E Cigarette Affiliate Programs.

Pricing the Cartridges

As you shop around for the best vapor juice cartridge, keep in mind that they don’t usually transfer from brand to brand. Once you choose a type of electronic cigarette, you’ll have to stay loyal to it. The purchase price of the cartridges is something you will want to take into consideration when you’re going through the pros and cons of the various brands. You can find more info on this at

When pricing the vapor juice cartridges, you don’t want to just look at the price. You also need to discover how big the cartridges are. The larger the cartridges the better the deal. Don’t forget to check out the company’s policy regarding shipping prices. Some will provide free shipping, as long as you purchase a pre-determined dollar amount. Another feature some companies have created is a program that automatically ships a specific amount of cartridges to your home on a certain date.

Even though you might have your doubts about whether or not you’ll save money when you make the transition to e-cigs, consider this. A pack of cigarettes can cost more than $5. The average price of a refill cartridge is about $2.50 and can be counted on to provide you with at least as many puffs as you got from an entire pack. The savings quickly add up. You can also save money by using the Pure Cigs Coupon online!