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Using Electronic Cigarettes to Heighten Cultural Accuracy

It wasn’t until I started working in historical theater that I truly started to understand just how important cigarettes and smoking had been culturally. While getting ready to direct my very first play, which was set just after WWII, I realized there are very few periods when smoking wasn’t something everyone did, and that the idea of going without tobacco is actually a really recent concept.

While the idea of not smoking is a new concept, I had a heck of a time convincing the actors they were going to need to smoke in order to make their role seem authentic they were going to smoke. Not only did most of them refuse to smoke, but several refused to even consider getting on the stage if there was even the slightest chance of breathing in secondhand smoke.

I was in a bind. I understood the actors’ stance. I wasn’t willing to do something that would increase the chances of me developing deadly cancers in the future. On the other hand, this was my debut, I needed it to be perfect and that meant the characters needed to smoke.

It took some time and a lot of internet research, but I finally found the perfect solution. Salvation came in the form of electronic cigarettes. These little devices look so much like real cigarettes that it would be impossible for the audience to guess that it was anything but the real deal. Instead of smoke, these little batter powered devices produce a water based vapor.

I kept digging and slowly learned, with the help of some studies that have been recently concluded, that thus far, there haven’t been any serious health problems connected with using electronic cigarettes. Satisfied, I’d found a workable solution, I went online and ordered a couple start kits.

I’m pleased to report that my actors agreed to use the electronic cigarettes. The play went off without a hitch and everyone, crew and audience seemed very happy with the final results.

I’ll admit it. At first I was a little nervous about using the electronic cigarettes. I knew they looked great, and I loved the fact that my actors would be exhaling what looked like smoke between lines, but I was worried that the devices would malfunction. I don’t always have the best luck with electronic gadgets. The good news is that the electronic cigs worked like a charm. As long as everyone remembered to plug them into the battery charger prior to the performance, they worked throughout the entire show.

The play worked as a springboard for my career and now I have several offers to direct other, historical plays. I can’t help wondering if these offers would have rolled my way had I not taken so much time looking for ways to use cigarettes to give my play a culturally accurate feeling.

Why Art Education Is Important

Public schools have cut back so much when it comes to art education that it is really sad these days. You cannot find many schools that have art classes anymore and don’t even get me started on music. I have seen the schools take all of these wonderful educations down to the bare minimum until I am tired of seeing it. I am thankful that I home school is all I have to say about that! Art education is important and I am going to tell you a few reasons why this is so true in this blog post today.

Art teaches children how to be creative. Without art, your kids will not learn how to successfully make things of beauty. Art is a lost art, no pun intended. Not only will art teach your child how to be creative but it also helps them to learn things such as math and science more easily. Think about it this way…if your child wants to go into advertising for his or her career, they are going to have to take some sort of art class in order to know how to show others what they have to sell. Advertising without art would be very boring if you ask me. We need to be able to express ourselves and if we don’t learn art in school where are we going to learn it?

When art is taught in school kids tend to do better in problem solving classes. This is a proven fact and it is scientifically proven as well. School minus art programs creates children who have no idea how to express their feelings and that leads to a world of problems we have already seen come to fruition in the last 10 years or so.

Art Needs To Be Included In Schools

Art is becoming a thing of the past when it comes to our school systems these days. Art programs are being cut left and right to try to save money for other “more important” things for our kids to learn. I don’t know about you but I would rather see health being cut instead of art. Health classes these days have been turned into a way for liberal beliefs to be instilled in our children. The health classes of today are not what you and I remember when we were in school. They are teaching your children how to use contraceptives and that being gay is not wrong. While this may be all well and good in the liberal world, it is not ok to us Christians! Can I get an amen?

Art is a great way for your child to be able to express him or herself without being judged. I remember when I was in school art being one of my favorite classes because I could put whatever I wanted on the paper and it was always good enough. Making art is also a great outlet for those children who don’t excel in other classes to feel good about themselves and their abilities. You may have a child that is a slow learner, but once you put them in an art class they may be the star of the school!

Do what you can to try to get art back into your school system if it has been taken out or dwindled down. Hold a rally, make signs, talk to the principal. You may be surprised at what you and the other parents can accomplish one school at a time!

Stories From My Art Classes

I have been teaching art at the local community college for nearly 12 years now. Over that time I have had the unique opportunity to see some amazing art and some wild students. There has never been one student that has been able to break the mold in the art world but I have ad a few students who have gone on to have a decent career in the art world. Some of the most amazing students have been some of the most troubled. I am not sure why the troubled students put out better art but they usually do. While he art teaching has been fun there have been several issues that have cropped up over the years and I wanted to share them with you. Some of these issues re personal and others will involve different techniques that I love to employ in the world of art.

The biggest scandal that has ever rocked one of my classes was the love triangle. I was not involved but I was able to watch the events unfold in my class. A married man was apparently having an affair with a woman in the class. However, his wife decided to confront him during the class one night. It was quite the scene. On another occasion there was a knife fight that broke out in the hall and it spilled into our classroom. Of all these events there is still one that stands out to me. We were working on a black and white drawing project and a huge tornado came barreling through our town. We lost power and we ended up having to stay in the classroom for about 6 hours.

Understanding the Cost of Electronic Cigarettes

It didn’t take very long for the electronic cigarette to catch on in the United States. Even though the FDA remains reluctant to approve the battery powered devices, hundreds of thousands of hardcore smokers have forsaken traditional cigarettes, replacing them with e-cigarettes. Every single person who has made the change had their own reasons for doing so. One explanation lots of people give is that they were interested in saving money, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Purchasing a Starter Kit

When it comes to starting to use electronic cigarettes many people look at the price of starter its and hesitate. It’s true that the price of even a basic starter kit can seem a bit high. The problem is that many people think that they will have to purchase one or two starter kits every single month, that’s not the case at all.

Starter kits have been created to help you save money and to ensure that you have everything you possibly need. The most basic kits will have chargers, one or two batteries, and a few vapor juice cartridges. The batteries and chargers will provide you with several years worth of use. The only thing you need to continually purchase will be the cartridges.

The good new is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a starter kit to try out electronic cigarettes. Many of the brands have created a disposable version of their e-cigs. The disposable models look like the regular vaporizers and they work the exact same way, but once the cartridge has run out of vapor juice you simply throw the e-cig away.

Lots of e-cig retailers will provide a free version of the disposable cigarette that you can try out. You can also read E Cigarettes Reviews or join E Cigarette Affiliate Programs.

Pricing the Cartridges

As you shop around for the best vapor juice cartridge, keep in mind that they don’t usually transfer from brand to brand. Once you choose a type of electronic cigarette, you’ll have to stay loyal to it. The purchase price of the cartridges is something you will want to take into consideration when you’re going through the pros and cons of the various brands. You can find more info on this at

When pricing the vapor juice cartridges, you don’t want to just look at the price. You also need to discover how big the cartridges are. The larger the cartridges the better the deal. Don’t forget to check out the company’s policy regarding shipping prices. Some will provide free shipping, as long as you purchase a pre-determined dollar amount. Another feature some companies have created is a program that automatically ships a specific amount of cartridges to your home on a certain date.

Even though you might have your doubts about whether or not you’ll save money when you make the transition to e-cigs, consider this. A pack of cigarettes can cost more than $5. The average price of a refill cartridge is about $2.50 and can be counted on to provide you with at least as many puffs as you got from an entire pack. The savings quickly add up. You can also save money by using the Pure Cigs Coupon online!

About Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture

The Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture is an organization uniting university students around the globe through the common love of the arts. If you are a college student with a passion for art and you want to expand your studies and connect with other students that share your interests, this website will be a great resource for you. You will read articles that detail the lives of historic artists and reviews of their work. Additionally, we will provide you with a look at some of today’s best up and coming artists from universities around the world.

Beyond art, we’ll detail the latest news related to space and take an overall interest in culture through articles highlighting current events. With a worldwide perspective and a bend towards art and cultural interest, our organization will be your best news source for the headlines you really care about.

Art In Public Schools

Art seems to be the number one elective that most students choose in the public school system. Unfortunately it also seems to be the most often cut program there is. The school art program has been very beneficial for many years. For some students this will be the only exposure they ever receive to this world. For others it will only wet their appetite and they will continue on their life long journey of understanding and appreciating the world of art. In the public school setting you are typically going to be exposed to 3 main levels of art and artistic expression. You will typically learn about art history and this will include a study of people like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Rembrandt. These are some of the more well known artists but they are not necessarily the best. Lets explain and explore the roots of art and how it can help you in the public school setting.

As you learn more and more history about the origins of art and some of the more popular artists you will also be given the opportunity to mimic there style and attempt to create a masterpiece as well. Another are that you will be exposed to is called clay modeling. This is a fun exercise that will allow the student to model their on clay and design it however they wish. Many art programs will have the students make clay heads that will then be fired and painted. The final area is called impressionism. This is art that can be pulled from anywhere at anytime.

The Best Art Classes

Almost every school has an art teacher that is ready to explain and pour into you the skills that you need in order to become a great artist. What many people fail to understand is that art is within the grasp of every person. Everyone has the capability to become an artist. Unfortunately, many people will choose to ignore this area of their life and act as if it doesn’t exist. Some people have fallen prey to the line of thought that says artists are weird and cranky or that they are incapable of carrying on a normal life. While some of the most famed artists have had social phobias and issues, the vast majority of art loving people are very normal. They carry on normal lives and they have normal families. If you are interested in art then you might be interested in taking a few classes to help your creative juices begin to flow. The following classes could be just what you need as you continue your journey don the road known as art.

Pottery is something that many people love and they enjoy the ability to make something out of nothing. Modeling clay is a great art base and it will allow you to transform a lump of mud into a beautiful sculpture. Another great class is photography. This for of art is not new but it is catching on quickly. Trying your hand at taking pictures will be a great way to spend more time with the family all while you are capturing the moments that will last for a lifetime.

How To Become An Artist

If you are interested in the field of art then you need to know a few things up front. Art is not something that can be captured, art is simply a state of mind that must be realized and appreciated. It is impossible to completely depict and describe art. Art is always changing and it will forever be a fleeting thought that must be chased after. Art is a way of life. Are you interested in art? I would the answer is yes. Too many people have written of this fine skill due to over exposure of 5oo year old paintings. Art is more than a brush and some water colored paint. Art is a reflection of the soul and it reflects the imperfections of our world onto a perfect canvas. If you are interested in becoming an artist you need to come to grips with the fact that you will always be a tortured soul searching for the perfect inspiration.

Becoming an artist is not about the art school that you attend or even who you trained and studied under. Becoming an artist is all about realizing your on potential and utilizing that skill to make an indelible image. Embrace the thoughts that flood your mind and allow that to become the fuel that drives your creative passion and fire. Give in to the pain that wants to express itself on your canvass. Speak to the voice in your mind and allow it to transform you into the artist that you desire to be. Art is all about expression and it is all about jumping in, with both feet, and simply doing what you love. Do you want to be an artist?

Modern Art Vs. Traditional Art

In the world of artistic expression you are bound to find pieces that will boggle the mind and perplex even the strongest of brains. Art is a spectacular world of vivid colors and drab greys. It holds the keys to the soul and allows access to only a select few who dare to lay hold of this amazing talent and gaze into its soul. Art is an amazing concept and it can be found in all parts of the world. From folk art to modern art you are sure to find a sculpture or painting that will stir up emotions. Over the years many have drawn the battle lines and the war has waged. When it comes to modern art there are many that believe this form is bold, fresh, and by far the best yet. However there are many others that will argue for a more traditional approach. Isn’t this the age-old paradigm?

There are always going to be those that fuss and bicker over the techniques used and the methods that are carried out. Some will argue for a more old school style and others will call that system outdated. Does it really matter? Art is a beautiful thing and there are many things that can be gleaned from all fields. Taking the time to notice the pain and the trust and the beauty is what makes art so amazing. Instead of bickering we should embrace. That is the message of the art world. Embrace the different and love the traditional.