V2 Cigs Help Smokers Adapt to a Changing Culture

It wasn’t that long ago that 90% of all American citizens smoked multiple cigarettes a day and didn’t think there was anything wrong with this habit. These days, the number of smokers compared to the number of non-smokers is getting smaller and smaller.

There are a few reasons for the change in culture surrounding smoking. The first big reason for the change was that the general public suddenly learned just how bad smoking was for the human body. It was even more shocking to learn that even those who didn’t smoke, who simply inhaled secondhand smoke fumes, could experience the same ill health. Discovering that giving up cigarettes would lead to a longer and better quality life was all the incentive that many people needed to give up cigarettes once and for all.

The complete understanding of all the bad things cigarettes to the human body caused the government to look at how much money they were investing in the health care of people who were suffering from medical conditions that had been caused by smoking. Knowing the expense of treating just one person who had developed a smoking related illness inspired both state and federal governments to attach huge taxes to the purchase of cigarettes, making the products too expensive for many people to smoke.

This was about the time that something else interesting started to happen. People who no longer smoked hung around people who did smoke, they discovered that they could no longer tolerate the scent of stale cigarette smoke. Some non-smokers have even taken the stance that they won’t be romantically involved with anyone who has a smoking habit. Discovering that their smoking habit was having a detrimental effect on their social life inspired even more smokers to quit.

Concern about non-smokers developing smoking related illnesses from secondhand smoke once again caused the government to become involved here. This time, they cracked down on where smokers could and couldn’t light up. The rules were stricter than anyone imagined and made it virtually impossible for anyone to enjoy a cigarette anywhere but inside their own home, and even then, they be forced to pay a much higher price for health insurance. Smokers began to feel that they weren’t being treated fairly.

Today, products like V2 Cigs are creating another change in culture. They battery powered cigarettes make it possible for the average American citizen to enjoy all the things they love about smoking, without having to worry about being ostracized, or even fined. V2 Cigs are very easy to use and most people find that since the vapor produced by the V2 Cigs tastes and feels just like authentic cigarette smoke they have no trouble making the change.