Zettiology Art

Zettiology is a new type of art that was developed by Teesha Moore. The moment you see some samples of her work, you’ll be swept away by its beauty. The type of work she does takes seemingly ordinary things and turns them into something that feels almost otherworldly.

Although it can be difficult to accurately describe Zettiology, looking at the images Moore has created makes one think both of some great fantasy novels, such as Where the Wild Things Are and comic books at the same time. The art work manages to be both simple and fantastical at the same time. It also has an abstract quality that is created by merging pieces and parts of images that don’t usually belong together to create something completely different is oddly appealing.

The great thing about Zettiology is that there are aspects of the art that will appeal to just about everyone. The art is quirky enough to look good in an office or study, stylish enough to make a focal point in a living room, and charming enough to be used to decorate a nursery. It’s a great choice when you’re looking for a one of a kind item that will make a great gift for the difficult to shop for person on your gift list. The hard part will be deciding which pieces you want to give to loved ones and which pieces you want to keep for yourself.

Finding some Zettiology that you can display on your own walls isn’t difficult. Moore has created an Etsy store that makes ordering your favorite images a piece of cake. You can choose from some goregious black and white images, or pieces that make stunning use of rich colors.

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