My Grandma Loves Cat Art

No, you did not read that wrong. My grandma is a huge fan of paintings and other types of art that depict cats of all kinds. If you knew my grandmother personally, you would not be surprised even if you had never visited her home. I think that some people might be tempted to call her a cat lady, but the truth is that she doesn’t have a whole herd of cats in her home, but her love of cats is really all about art.

Well, I shouldn’t say that she doesn’t have any cats because she does have two cats that have been with her for many years. They are siblings I believe and they don’t do much but sleep and eat, much like many other cats. She loves them so much that not only does she have a lot of art in her home showing her cat love, but she also has a few paintings of her cats up on the wall as well.

I really love my grandma and I think it is hilarious that she likes cat art so much. What I don’t think it so funny is that she thinks that we all love cat art as much as she does. So when a birthday rolls around for one of her grandkids, she tends to give us at least one thing each year that has a cat on it or in it. I think that she really does mean the best so I always graciously accept the gifts, but really I have no idea what I will do with another picture of a cat sleeping in a bed of flowers!

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