My Dog Can Make Art!

It has been many years since I have tried my own hand at creating my own masterpiece for the art world. I used to love to paint and draw, but I just don’t seem to have the time anymore. I thought we would never have an artist in the family again because my husband and kids just don’t have the interest that I once did. But apparently I was wrong because there is one more member of the family that I completely discounted.

Our cute little dog Beaver took it up on himself to get into my old paints and create a masterpiece of his own. Thankfully he was out in the garage when all of this happened so we don’t have a huge mess in the house to clean up. Anyway, I know that there may not be too many art experts that would consider what Beaver did to be art, but our family really loves what he created. The garage floor is extra colorful now and after a bath, Beaver is back to himself.

That is until we let him paint more pictures. But the next time we made sure that we provided him a proper canvas on the floor and paints that wash out of the his fur just a bit better. While some people may think we are silly that we let our dog play in paints and then call it art, we love that he is having fun and we never know what his next art creation will look like. It would be pretty cool if he could eventually have some art hanging up somewhere around town, but for now it looks like the garage is the best place to display his great art.

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