Pen Vaporizers Provide Herbal Stress Relief for Artists

Working as an artist is extremely rewarding, but it can also be stressful. I suppose some people are just born with this supernatural artistic talent, but I’m not one of them. I cannot just instantly conjure up a beautiful image and translate it onto canvas. Instead, my artistic inspiration comes and goes in waves and when it’s there, I’m glued to my studio churning out one beautiful masterpiece after another. But when I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I can’t seem to produce anything worth keeping. This has always been my struggle, but in recent months, I sought out help from some mentors in the art world to find out how they combat this experience. How do you produce beautiful pieces when you simply feel uninspired?

I was given a lot of suggestions, but one in particular seemed to be repeated dozens of times. Many successful artists gave me the same advice. They told me to invest in one of the great pen vaporizers and use dry herbs to get some natural stress relief. My mentors told me that finding inspiration is usually just a matter of moving beyond the conscious brain block. If you can find a way to relax, the art will just flow out of you and natural herbal blends can sometimes help you unwind faster than anything.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about pen vaporizers, but I decided it was at least worth a try. It couldn’t hurt and at this point, I was willing to try nearly anything to get some fresh inspiration. I used the Internet to look up different brands and read reviews. Then I selected the vape pen that I thought would be best. I wanted something convenient that wouldn’t require hours of cleaning and maintenance. I was thrilled to see that I didn’t necessarily have to use a bunch of dry herbs that often make a mess. Instead, I could use e-liquids or waxes that had the same blends in a cleaner package.

The first time I tried vaping, I was surprised by the overall experience. I liked the flavors and the vapor was smooth. I used my vape pen for a few minutes and then I stood in front of the easel. I picked up my paint brush and just let my mood guide me. With no particular plan in mind, I started painting and let the colors take shape. I found myself totally relaxed as I worked and before I knew it, I had an incredible piece taking shape in front of me. It was amazing – the vaporizer really did help me find some fresh inspiration! Now I make it a habit to keep pen vaporizers in my art studio and anytime I’m struggling to get started, I vape for a few minutes and relax. It works every time!

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