Stories From My Art Classes

I have been teaching art at the local community college for nearly 12 years now. Over that time I have had the unique opportunity to see some amazing art and some wild students. There has never been one student that has been able to break the mold in the art world but I have ad a few students who have gone on to have a decent career in the art world. Some of the most amazing students have been some of the most troubled. I am not sure why the troubled students put out better art but they usually do. While he art teaching has been fun there have been several issues that have cropped up over the years and I wanted to share them with you. Some of these issues re personal and others will involve different techniques that I love to employ in the world of art.

The biggest scandal that has ever rocked one of my classes was the love triangle. I was not involved but I was able to watch the events unfold in my class. A married man was apparently having an affair with a woman in the class. However, his wife decided to confront him during the class one night. It was quite the scene. On another occasion there was a knife fight that broke out in the hall and it spilled into our classroom. Of all these events there is still one that stands out to me. We were working on a black and white drawing project and a huge tornado came barreling through our town. We lost power and we ended up having to stay in the classroom for about 6 hours.

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