Modern Art Vs. Traditional Art

In the world of artistic expression you are bound to find pieces that will boggle the mind and perplex even the strongest of brains. Art is a spectacular world of vivid colors and drab greys. It holds the keys to the soul and allows access to only a select few who dare to lay hold of this amazing talent and gaze into its soul. Art is an amazing concept and it can be found in all parts of the world. From folk art to modern art you are sure to find a sculpture or painting that will stir up emotions. Over the years many have drawn the battle lines and the war has waged. When it comes to modern art there are many that believe this form is bold, fresh, and by far the best yet. However there are many others that will argue for a more traditional approach. Isn’t this the age-old paradigm?

There are always going to be those that fuss and bicker over the techniques used and the methods that are carried out. Some will argue for a more old school style and others will call that system outdated. Does it really matter? Art is a beautiful thing and there are many things that can be gleaned from all fields. Taking the time to notice the pain and the trust and the beauty is what makes art so amazing. Instead of bickering we should embrace. That is the message of the art world. Embrace the different and love the traditional.

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