How To Become An Artist

If you are interested in the field of art then you need to know a few things up front. Art is not something that can be captured, art is simply a state of mind that must be realized and appreciated. It is impossible to completely depict and describe art. Art is always changing and it will forever be a fleeting thought that must be chased after. Art is a way of life. Are you interested in art? I would the answer is yes. Too many people have written of this fine skill due to over exposure of 5oo year old paintings. Art is more than a brush and some water colored paint. Art is a reflection of the soul and it reflects the imperfections of our world onto a perfect canvas. If you are interested in becoming an artist you need to come to grips with the fact that you will always be a tortured soul searching for the perfect inspiration.

Becoming an artist is not about the art school that you attend or even who you trained and studied under. Becoming an artist is all about realizing your on potential and utilizing that skill to make an indelible image. Embrace the thoughts that flood your mind and allow that to become the fuel that drives your creative passion and fire. Give in to the pain that wants to express itself on your canvass. Speak to the voice in your mind and allow it to transform you into the artist that you desire to be. Art is all about expression and it is all about jumping in, with both feet, and simply doing what you love. Do you want to be an artist?

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