Art In Public Schools

Art seems to be the number one elective that most students choose in the public school system. Unfortunately it also seems to be the most often cut program there is. The school art program has been very beneficial for many years. For some students this will be the only exposure they ever receive to this world. For others it will only wet their appetite and they will continue on their life long journey of understanding and appreciating the world of art. In the public school setting you are typically going to be exposed to 3 main levels of art and artistic expression. You will typically learn about art history and this will include a study of people like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Rembrandt. These are some of the more well known artists but they are not necessarily the best. Lets explain and explore the roots of art and how it can help you in the public school setting.

As you learn more and more history about the origins of art and some of the more popular artists you will also be given the opportunity to mimic there style and attempt to create a masterpiece as well. Another are that you will be exposed to is called clay modeling. This is a fun exercise that will allow the student to model their on clay and design it however they wish. Many art programs will have the students make clay heads that will then be fired and painted. The final area is called impressionism. This is art that can be pulled from anywhere at anytime.

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